Afternoon Programming

The cultural program will be presented :

  • partly in an “in person” format
  • partly in an online format
  • partly in a hybrid format (in person and online simultaneously)


  • Advanced Grammar, with Eliezer Niborski
  • Conversation for Beginners, with Malena Chinski
  • Conversation for Intermediate and Advanced Students, with Sharon Bar-Kochva, Malena Chinski, Natalia Krynicka, Karolina Szymaniak and Sheva Zucker
  • Cooking, with Annick Prime-Margules
  • Nigunim, with Alan Bern
  • Poetry, with Sharon Bar-Kochva
  • Reading Manuscripts, with Akvilė Grigoravičiūtė
  • Research Methods, with Reyze Turner
  • Song, with Malena Chinski, Svetlana Kundish and Polina Shepherd
  • Theater, with Tal Hever-Chybowski
  • Theater decorations, with Annick Prime-Margules

Guided tours

Yiddish Charlottenburg, with Tal Hever-Chybowski

Berlin Jewish Museum

Lectures in English, German and Yiddish

Soviet Yiddish Films Festival

Kino Krokodil, Berlin