Tuition fee: 700 €.
Administration fee: 50 €.

Registration will remain open as long as there are available spots.

Conditions of cancellation

If you cancel your registration before July 12th, 2024, you will receive a refund, minus the administration fee of 50 €. If you cancel after July 12th, no refund will be possible.


Financial aid is available. Priority will be given to students. To apply for a scholarship, please send us a cover letter describing your background, interests, and goals, via this contact form:

For those who wish to join the levels 3-5 or the course for Yiddish teachers, please write the letter in Yiddish.

There is no deadline to request a scholarship, however the number of available scholarships is limited. It is therefore advisable to apply as soon as possible.

Choice of Level

When you register, please indicate the level that is likely to suit you best. Please note, however, that the organizers may decide to place you in a different level for pedagogical reasons.

If you’re not sure which level is suited for you, contact us!


You are invited to register on the site Helloasso (link below). When you are ready to pay, the website will suggest that you contribute a “tip” in order to support the functioning of the Helloasso website. This “tip” (and its amount) is completely optional. You can change the amount using the button provided before you validate your payment.

The site Helloasso is in French only. If you have trouble understanding the instructions in French, please consult this document.

Registration for the Seminar for Yiddish teachers:

The seminar is intended for current and future teachers of Yiddish.

To apply for the seminar, please send us a cover letter in Yiddish, along with your CV, using this contact form:

Health regulations

Please note that the Summer Program will follow the health regulations of Berlin and the Federal Republic of Germany. 

Please note that some teachers and students may wear face masks.

Housing / meals

Accommodation and meals are not provided.